Chaplains Associates, Inc. 
Caring for People in the Workplace

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Comparison of Chaplains Associates Inc. available services vs. traditional Employee Assistance Programs:


 Personal ongoing relationship with employees    
 Pager/cell phone service that is 24/7    
 Regular work site visits    
 On-site stress management    
 Conflict resolution between employees    
 Assisting supervisors with attraction and retention of employees    
 Provide self improvement materials and training              
 Available to assist with transition of laid off employees    
 Hospital and extended care facility visitation    
 Serious illness    
 Death and dying    
 Crisis and grief counseling in the workplace    
 Card Ministry for Birthdays and Special days    
 Marriage and remarriage    
 Divorce care    
 Problems with wayward children    
 Spousal and child abuse    
 Drug and alcohol dependency    
 Psychiatric Counseling    
 Pre-marital counseling and ceremony officiating    
 Planning and performing funeral services    
 Short term and long term grief support    
 Death and Serious Injury Notification to families    
 Ethical Advisement    
 Referrals to local community resources as needed    
At company request, advise leadership on matters of spirituality in the workplace, values, ethics, and morale as they impact individuals in the work force and company    

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